C2P Social Entrepreneurship Summit

C2P Social Entrepreneurship Summit is an annual social entrepreneurship competition for college students, organised by Enactus SRCC and Campus Community Partnership Foundation. WInners receive a grant for implementing their projects.

As part of the partnership between Enactus SRCC and the US-based Campus Community Partnership Foundation, the Community Academic Service Entrepreneur (CASE) Grant Competition is conducted every year.

Campus Community Partnership Foundation

The Campus Community Partnership Foundation was established to promote the best examples of service learning partnership programs in universities and colleges that benefit the community and the students. It encourages college students to develop social responsibility by applying their classroom learning and innovative methods to address community problems.

//C2P Social Entrepreneurship Summit

C2P Social Entrepreneurship Summit is the annual endeavour of Enactus SRCC to find the best of the next generation savvy entrepreneurs with a head for business and a heart for the world. It is an event that invites submissions of social business plans, both in the ideation stage as well as the implementation stage which go through a series of eliminatory rounds and the winners are awarded a cash prize upto Rs. 1,00,000.

C2PSES consists of three challenging rounds. This final on-campus round is loaded with mentorship sessions for the teams to hone and polish their models as well as with inspiring speaker sessions from the most accomplished and successful social entrepreneurs across the country. Despite the challenging times posed by COVID-19, C2P Social Entrepreneurship Summit 2020 was concluded successfully through video conferencing.

For more information regarding Campus Community Partnership Foundation, kindly visit: http://www.c2pf.org/