C2P CASE Grant Competition

The Community Academic Service Entrepreneur (CASE) Grant Competition is an annual social entrepreneurship competition for college students, organised by Enactus SRCC and Campus Community Partnership Foundation. WInners receive a grant for implementing their projects.

As part of the partnership between Enactus SRCC and the US-based Campus Community Partnership Foundation, the Community Academic Service Entrepreneur (CASE) Grant Competition is conducted every year.

Campus Community Partnership Foundation

The Campus Community Partnership Foundation was established to promote the best examples of service learning partnership programs in universities and colleges that benefit the community and the students. It encourages college students to develop social responsibility by applying their classroom learning and innovative methods to address community problems.

//The CASE Grant Competition

The Community Academic Service Entrepreneur (CASE) Grant Competition is a platform for undergraduate students to implement their own social entrepreneurship project. With an aim to encourage students to apply classroom learning to address community problems with innovative and sustainable solutions, CASE Grant winners are selected on the basis of the impact, partnership and academic service-learning of the models they propose. This competition is carried out over a series of rounds, at the end of which up to 3 teams have the chance of winning a grant of INR 75,000 to implement their models, a certificate of merit from the C2P foundation, and potential media coverage for their project.

In 2011, the competition was open to students of SRCC. We extended this competition to all undergraduate students in the year 2012, and carried the tradition forward in the later years.

We will be updating this page regularly with more details regarding the competition and registration. Please feel free to explore the Campus Community Partnership Foundation’s website as well for more information: http://www.c2pf.org/

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