Enactus World Cup 2018

Every year, the national champion team from 36 countries across the world come together to learn and inspire each other. This year Enactus India was represented by Enactus SRCC.

ENtrepreneurial ACTion and US

One month before, we learnt what ‘us’ truly means. The Enactus World Championship is not just a competition. It is a recognition of individuals who have chosen to leverage their drive and ideas to help others. It is to applaud the determination and grace we witness at every community visit. It is to show gratitude for the patience and kindness of those who have taught us so much.

Enactus SRCC had the humbling privilege of being Enactus India for three glorious days at the Enactus World Championship 2018, held from the 9th to 11th of October in San Jose, California. Amongst 36 countries, we were adjudged as the Second Runners Up in the Main Competition and also in the World Water Race Competition, a feat that was unimaginable a month prior. We were also among the top 4 countries presented with the World Trade Centre Award for Innovation and Impact. 

However, what made the World Cup unforgettable wasn’t the trophies but the plethora of memories that each of us collected. We walked on the stage proudly at Vande Mataram and waved our flag high among all the other countries. We learnt how to drink from water fountains and sneaked free samples from Ben & Jerry’s. We unsuccessfully tried to keep up while dancing and fed everyone golgappas at the World Cultural Fair. We sat huddled together calming our nerves and held each other’s hands awaiting the results.

Praying, crying, laughing, in every instant we were grateful, thankful to enactus for allowing us to experience those moments. Being in enactus has taught us a lot of things but what really makes it worth it is the team. Being in enactus allowed us to be less ordinary. It made our lives less about ours and more about all the other amazing people in it. 


Watch us perform at the finals here : EWC 2018 - Final Round