Aavran: A COVID-19 Response Initiative

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only emerged as a health crisis but an economic crisis as well. The workers engaged in the informal sector have been robbed of their earnings. Because of excessive demand, hoarding, misuse etc., the face masks are now being sold at sky-rocketing prices.  In response to this alarming problem, ‘Aavran’ aims at providing Khadi and Cotton face masks at highly affordable rates and simultaneously generating employment opportunities for the poverty-stricken women who have received a massive economic blow during these unprecedented times.


To kickstart this initiative, we have employed 5 widow women of Lalbagh who were earlier in dire need of employment during these challenging times. Firstly, our women entrepreneurs are provided with basic training in order to increase their efficiency. By procuring the fabric from registered and reputed organisations, we provide full assurance of quality to our customers. Our masks are triple-layered, strictly in line with CDC requirements. Better breathability, more comfort and reusability gives us an upper edge over the masks that are available in the market. Additionally, the highest standards of precautionary measures are taken during the manufacturing process. 


Through our synergic collaborations with organisations like Human Welfare Foundation, SAAHAS, Srujna etc., these masks are being distributed amongst the communities who don’t have access to such necessities. 


Within one month, the following impact has been created:



These women are unsung heroes- to their families for earning their bread, to the common man struggling to acquire masks on account of acute shortage and to nature for creating reusable masks that avert wasteful tendencies.