Nidaan Laao, Rog Mittao
Nidaan, a research pilot project conducted in the health sector, aimed at improving last mile connectivity to primary healthcare by setting up a network of telemedicine clinics and diagnostic centres.

Project Nidaan was started with the objective of getting affordable safe healthcare at the remotest villages in India. It aimed at removing the barrier of distance from this sector. After heavy research for over 2 years, we piloted our model in a cluster of villages in the district of Gharaunda, Haryana with support from Mr. DS Kalyan and the local MLA HS Kalyan. 

The on-ground work started in February 2018, wherein we set up free health checkup camps in a few villages in the area to test demand. We did this in collaboration with Healthcube Pvt. Ltd. We learnt that limiting ourselves to diagnostic care will not help the general population of the area significantly. To make our model more comprehensive, we collaborated with Gramin Pvt Ltd to set up a network of telemedicine centres. 

Through Nidaan, not only are thousands of people getting access to healthcare but 15 rural women have been trained and have a stable source of income. The women are responsible are the points of contact at every clinic. They talk to the patients and connect them to the specialists using the telemedicine set up provided. 

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Project Nidaan, in only 3 months of on-ground operation, created an impact that has never been witnessed in any other Enactus project. The clinics are sustainable and are moving towards full efficiency. The other stake holders of the project ensure its sustainability and growth.