The Research Department

Enactus SRCC is on a constant endeavour to create a positive impact on society. At the Research Department of Enactus SRCC, we strive to create and test sustainable solutions to solve the most pressing problems being faced by our society. 

Months of research and deliberations yielded a sector which requires immediate action across the world- the climate change crisis. We are building a comprehensive waste management model to tackle this problem, one after the other in the years to come.

As we enter this decade, the research department has undertaken two pilot models:-

Project Leher aims to tackle the most littered and toxic and yet the most unnoticed waste in the world, cigarette butts. Each tossed cigarette butt toxifies 500L of marine life.

The butt which is made of cellulose acetate, a type of plastic, can be recycled after detoxifying it using special chemicals and procedures. We at project Leher, collect these butts through various micro and macro level collection mechanisms, detoxify them using special and verified process and upcycle them into a variety of products ready to hit the market.

Burning of crop residue and improper disposal of agricultural waste has threatened the Indian subcontinent massively. We aim to convert this dry agricultural waste into smokeless briquettes with high calorific value and no emissions through a pollution-free process. It has a dual impact of replacing non-renewable pollution causing resources by smokeless briquettes and also preventing stubble burning.

Check out Project Leher's entry for 77-Second Films for Action & Impact: